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Dec 9, 2013 5:00am EST
open letter to president obama and the congress. today.s in papers effectively they appear to be more specific in what they want. one thing they want is there to the authority o of the government to access online. e-mail and data we heard effectively that kind c.e.o. of t from the google saying we have been doing in terms of encryption and -- of data but we have learned the government is taking the data servers. so that undermines our effort. that is the first thing is see put on the government's ability and authority to access information in the world. >> but what we are talking about only way the n.s.a. is collecting data. page fectively what larry is talking about is the n.s. afpa. muscular that the world learned about in october here they gained access and kind of joked about it leaked by andden to the goggle server yahoo servers sort of pointing where the server systems meet the public internet. ironic part is there was a program already we knew called rism and have known about for some time thanks to snowden already hadvernment front-door access to the likes yahoo and facebook a
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
apartheid era. in addition, we have had world leaders like president obama paying tribute to his life and we are really waiting to see what happens now going forward. >> as you say, we are going to in which we pay tribute to the man and that we will have his funeral. presumably, the logistics of that funeral are going to be something because world leaders will be pouring into this country to attend that event. >> yes, i think so. does not come as a surprise. he was a very old man and has been ill for a long time. i'm sure there were thorough preparations. bigsure it will be a very event, a big, big moment in the history of the country. >> thank you very much indeed. >> for more on nelson mandela's bloombergt's bring in tv's africa anchor. what is his legacy? hewhen he became president, engaged with all of the chief executive officers. find outth them to what the investment prognosis was. heading up to the elections, he ensure that they wanted peace -- he engaged with the investment community and embarked on a tour around the world, which assisted in south africa getting rid of those sanction
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
tribute to the first black president of the country. obama and -- barack many other world leaders are in attendance. let's talk about what we are seeing as the event is unfolding. lenny joins us with more. stunning pictures coming. clearly, a huge amount focus on this event. what is the story that is going to be told? >> people are still arriving. hundreds of thousands, millions will be watching what goes on today. these are live pictures from the stadium. it is raining, but south africans are singing. they are so part of this moment, knowing they will reflect back on a leader that change this country's face. be addressingill the crowd. other people will also be addressing. we also have the president of was notd xi jinpeng able to attend, which was interesting. of state will be addressing the crowd from that country. india and cuba as well. president, the man who succeeded nelson mandela, a man that also did not finish his second term in office as well. a lot of controversy surrounding him. this is the part where we see south africans coming together, all editions showing that they ar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3